It’s the time for harvesting gherkins..most days now..and beginning the process of making dill pickles, coincides with the garlic harvest and the dill weed  beginning to go to seed.  Two weeks ago, we have put down a good batch of cabbage for sauerkraut and two  containers of miso which will be ready to eat next  … Continue reading fermentation

the pleasure of Ivy

I’ve much enjoyed being a witness to Ivy’s progress and pleasure as she walks about.  Today she walked all over sand. It’s beautiful to watch as she checks herself and uses her whole body to balance.  And she is enjoys it. (carter’s beach/storm surf noise/fat splotts of rain/big open spaces/four chihuahua messing about)   Continue reading the pleasure of Ivy

it is 278

we have been making progress on 278. The concept keeps evolving and growing and all the while we add our efforts and give our time and dreams to the development.  It felt like a relatively simple idea back in July when we agreed to buy the property and set up a commercial kitchen for ourselves, … Continue reading it is 278